Model Angelina

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Residence Germany
Age 20 Years
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Dark-Brown
Amputation Above Elbow Amputation
Cause Accident

In November 2007 Angelina had a serious traffic accident during which the crash-barrier penetrated the vehicle and her entire right arm was severed right below the shoulder. Being in deep shock Angelina didn’t feel any pain. Despite all the efforts made on site the severed arm could not been saved. It was only after a couple of days that Angelina realised the consequences of her accident. The initial phantom pain has gone by now, but Angelina can still feel her right arm clearly. She has got a prosthetic arm which, unfortunately, is more a hindrance than of use. The arm stump itself is far too short to be used instead. At the moment, Angelina teaches herself to do everything with her remaining hand. In particular, writing with her left hand turns out to be a challenge. In the meantime she has pretty much got used to those who bluntly stare, or being asked the same questions over and over again when people notice her missing arm. Angelina attended one of our photo shootings with two simple objectives. Firstly, to prove to herself that she is an attractive young woman despite her amputation. And secondly, to make it clear to everyone in a similar position: one arm less doesn’t prevent you from being a professional model.

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