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Residence Austria
Age 24 Years
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Blond
Amputation Above- and below knee amputation
Cause Accident

Cindia comes from a family of three brothers and one sister. Her sister is a twin and older than her by all of five minutes. Her oldest brother died at the age of eleven from a virus infection which he contracted as a baby and paralysed him completely. After the death of her brother, Cindia's mother became very ill with cancer and was given only six months to live. Because of all this misfortune, they were a very poor family and lived in a small rented apartment for many years. Cindia had to leave school at fourteen and get a job to help support the family. When she became eighteen she had an opportunity to work abroad and earn more money. This gave her the chance to become independent and she eventually saved enough money to be able to afford to get a mortgage and buys her own apartment. Cindia got an offer of a very good job in Switzerland which she decided to take. The job was due to start a few months later and Cindia decided to spend some time with her family before leaving. This was in the summer of 2005 and she was asked by a friend to help out on a Saturday afternoon in a Sandwich Bar in the city. She was working behind the bar and serving customers. On the floor was a Carbon Dioxide gas cylinder which had not been properly installed and was over pressurised. The gas cylinder exploded just as Cindia was standing beside it and a huge piece of jagged metal ripped through both of her legs severing them completely. When the ambulance came they packed her legs in a bag with ice and took her to the hospital, where the surgeons decided there was nothing they could do to save her legs. They immediately amputated one leg above the knee and one below the knee. When Cindia found out what had happened she knew it must be the will of God and she must accept her fate. At least she is still alive and life can still be good, if you have courage and determination.

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