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Residence The Netherlands
Age 22 Years
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Amputation Above Elbow Amputation
Cause Accident

She may have only one arm, but Debbie is proud of her body and she isn't afraid to show it off. She is one of eight disabled girls competing in the BBC’s latest reality TV sensation, Britain’s Missing Top Model. Half a million people tuned in to this show. After this she posed nacked of the playboy, that edition of playboy had the highest sales of all time in Holland. She grew up in Helmond, a city in the Netherlands that is more like a village where everyone knows everyone else. At nineteen years old and on her way to party on the beaches of Spain, she was in a terrible bus accident. As a result, she lost her right arm, which she says was lucky because she's actually left-handed. At the time, Debbie was a typical teenager with a boyfriend, a gaggle of mates, and a penchant for clothes. Not much has changed then, since she still enjoys shopping, movies, and dressing up for a girls' night out. Debbie has a glam job travelling the world to research disability-friendly holidays. She is a great inspiration for all people with a similar handicap. Her favourite food is pizza and she likes to drink applejuice.

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