Model Kira

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Residence Croatia
Age 21 Years
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Amputation Above Knee Amputee
Cause Car Accident

Kira was involved in a road traffic accident 4 years ago and as a result lost her left leg above the knee. At first, she was unable to accept her disability, but while she was in hospital she met some other girls, who had gone through the same experience and they gave her encouragement and hope. Kira quickly came to realise that a disability does not mean that life is over. She was fitted with a prosthesis, but finds it easier and quicker to walk on crutches. She finds that people react positively to her when they see her on the street and she often receives encouraging comments and even admiring glances. She was very delighted with the results of the photo shoot and to be one of our models and to prove to the world that someone with an amputation can also be a supermodel. Kira is a beautiful young woman with a strong personality and her missing leg makes her special in a way that sets her above most ordinary people. By taking part in this photo-shooting she would like to set an example for others in the same circumstances and to show that they shouldn’t hide away or give up because of an amputation, but take on the challenge that life has given them and realise that every twist of fate offers new opportunities and perspectives, if you have the courage to look for them. By being open and self confident, Kira has earned our respect and admiration and her amputated leg ceases to be a handicap and becomes instead the hallmark of a remarkable person.

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