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Residence Sweden
Age 22 Years
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Amputation Above Knee Amputation
Cause Illness

At the age of 13 Madde was diagnosed with bone cancer. She underwent 25 sessions of Chemotherapy before she could be finally cured. During this time she suffered terrible pain and side-effects from the drugs she was being given. But thanks to her amazing personality, she mastered this difficult time of her life and the loss of her leg with courage and determination. She was a role model and provided inspiration to everyone who has ever experienced a similar misfortune. Madde did not feel handicapped or restricted in any way by the loss of her leg. She liked to go out on crutches without her prosthesis and did everything she set her mind to – she never liked to be told what she could and couldn’t do and always made her own decisions. She was always optimistic and full of fun and had the ability to look into the hearts of the people she met and to touch their feelings in a way that would inspire them and make meeting her unforgettable. With this talent she has helped many people in her life and did her part to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, the long term effects of the Chemotherapy and its side effects had weakened her health so much that she recently died, suddenly and unexpectedly. Madde was very proud of her photos and wholeheartedly supported our project and this is why we have decided not to deactivate her profile. We are certain that this would have been her wish. We will not forget her and she will live on in our hearts. “You filled every room with sunshine, made troubles disappear, noble and Nordic; your gentle goodness; your unflinching dignity; life isn’t fair. Your firm step, your poetry of truth; your joyful spirit; your unerring skill. You set your will against Fate; you never have revealed your plan for happiness.” (Herbert Grönemeyer)

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