• Model Catherine
    She was born without her left forearm but this doesnt kept her from beeing happy in any way. She has very huge self-confidence and does not care about people starring at her if she is out without her prosthetic arm.
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  • Model Beka
    Despite of being born with a missing right forearm, she is a famous beauty- and fashion model. She takes part in catwalks of the most famous fashion shows and events to show her real beauty.
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  • Model Marzena
    Due to an illness Marzena's arm had to be amputated. She never suffered with her situation and she makes the best out of everything. She fights with us against discrimination and intolerance.
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What We Do?

Our aim is to demonstrate that, firstly, “beauty” and “disability” are by no means contradictory terms. Secondly, disabled people are as happy and have the same quality and standard of life as their able-bodied contemporaries (just why do the latter always think otherwise?). Thirdly, working as a professional model is possible. And last but not least: there is no point in worrying about finding the right guy, girl, partner or soul mate, and also no reason to hide from the world because of a physical disability.

You know you're not supposed to stare at people with disabilities. But why not? What if you accidentally see an amputee who was attractive and looked great? Why should you turn your head away? And furthermore, why isn't this person supposed to be attractive? Clearly there is a barrier between people with disabilities, especially amputees, and those who feel themselves attracted to them and want to know them better, and vice-versa. That is blatant prejudice and it needs to change.

Viceland Magazine, Constance Goldmann

We strongly believe that every little success helps to lift the optimism of those who are concerned and conveys the important message that no-one on this planet should be coerced into a feeling of inferiority simply because of a physical disability.

We are Ampworld

Beautiful Models

Do you want to see stunning models despite of an amputation or born with a missing limb, convince yourself of the real beautifulness - with the largest model portfolio in the world and models from almost every country and with any kind of amputation. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder.

Book a Model for your Project

If you are a casting agent, art director, television producer any other kind of talent scout and you like to book one of our beautiful models, please get in touch with us. Most of our models are available for commercial modelling jobs for any kind of tv presence, fashion show, magazines or events.

Become an Ampworld Model

If you or someone you know wants to be a model for our project and have a professional photo shoot, is open minded or could benefit from our shooting and is between the ages of 16 and 40, has lost at least one limb or is born like that, get in touch with us and apply for a professional photo shoot.

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Let's make something great together.

“Beauty” and “Disability”
are by no means contradictory terms!

We are Ampworld

You can be a Model. We are the world leading modelling agency for models with amputations..

Our Shootings

Are you an arm or leg amputee or born with a limb difference and would like to take part in a professional photo session carried out by a professional fashion photographer backed up by a team of cosmeticians and stylists with the aim of possibly being a new model for our website? We will make sure you have a wonderful time in Greece and this once in a lifetime experience will be a memory to treasure forever.

The trouble was, everyone kept telling me to love myself despite of my disability but they didn't really tell me how to. These shooting days with Ampworld boosted my self confidence in a way I never thought it is possible and it was by far the most changing and wonderful time of my life.

Model Katarina

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at webmaster@ampworld.de or through one of our social media channels. If you provide us your telephone number, we will gladly call you back to answer all questions you may have.

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