Model Amy

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Residence Germany
Age 19 Years
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Blonde
Amputation Below Knee Amputation
Cause Accident

At the age of 15, Amy had a very bad automobile accident and her left leg was so badly crushed that it had to be amputated just below the knee on arrival in hospital. At the beginning, Amy was very depressed, but after a few weeks, when she received her first prosthesis, she began a slow physical recovery. However, her self confidence had been severely affected by the amputation. In the years that followed, she tried every possible way to hide her handicap and always wore long dresses and pants, even in the middle of summer. When she went on vacation, she would often stay in her room, rather than be seen in the swimming pool or on the beach. She believed she was unattractive and had very low self esteem. She came to our photo-shooting with the intention of proving to herself that, in spite of having only one leg, she is an attractive young woman, who doesn’t need to be ashamed of her appearance. Her photo-shoot with us gave her self confidence an enormous boost. Now she is quite happy to be seen in public wearing short skirts or a bikini. Amy now feels like a perfectly normal young woman and now treats her disability not so much as a handicap, but something which makes her unique and special. Now she can deal with her amputation openly and has no problems in dealing with some of the reactions it sometimes causes. We are very happy for Amy and proud that our shooting has helped to renew her self confidence and give her a new outlook on life. It is also our hope that Amy will be an inspiration for other young women in a similar position.

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