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Residence Great Britain
Age 27 Years
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Amputation Above Knee Amputation
Cause Cancer

Leanne lost her left leg in 2001 as result of developing a malignant tumour. She had previously undergone 3 months of debilitating chemotherapy, but it was eventually decided that the only effective treatment would be to amputate her leg below the knee. She was able to accept this decision in the belief that “whatever doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger!”, which is probably the only way to deal with this kind of a situation. However, three years later the cancer came back and a further amputation was necessary at mid-thigh. Once again, Leanne’s strong will and personality helped her overcome this further setback and she was able to face the situation coolly and rationally. She believes that everything happens in life for a reason, even if it is not clear at the time. She is a very open person, who likes to go out and meet people and to give and receive affection. She also does everything she can to help others with similar problems and to gain full acceptance for handicapped people everywhere. One of Leanne’s favourite sayings is: “You can be young, sexy and feminine, even if you are different, it simply makes you special”. At the beginning of 2008 she produced a fitness video on DVD called “Just a Step” and shows her working out without a prosthesis. She has appeared in a number of TV and radio shows and in magazine and newspaper articles. Her public activities are aimed at motivating as many disabled people as possible in institutions, hospitals and schools. She has also just published her autobiography. We are very happy that Leanne is supporting our project and has agreed to model for us. She is a perfect role model for thousands of people with a similar handicap. She is a strong young woman with enormous energy and confidence, who is determined to pass on as much of her strength as possible to others. We admire Leanne greatly and are proud to include her in the ever growing list of Ampworld models. Please visit Leanne’s Website:

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