Model Dana

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Residence Poland
Age 24 Years
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Amputation Multiple Amputee
Cause born like this

Dana is an attractive young woman. When she was born, it was immediately obvious that something was wrong. Parts of two fingers were missing on her right hand, one toe was missing from her left foot and her right leg had completely failed to develop. So that she would be able to wear a prosthesis and walk, her parents agreed to the amputation of her lower right leg. But Dana was so small that she doesn’t remember this and as any child would, grew up to accept her prosthesis. The missing toe and two short fingers don’t bother her at all. Only now and again, when she looks at her two short fingers is she a little self conscious and slightly shy. Going swimming makes her feel uncomfortable as everyone can see her amputation. Dana walks so well with her prosthesis that no one can tell that she is handicapped. Dana felt that taking part in a photo-shooting would help develop her self confidence and openness in dealing with her handicap and prove that she has no reason to hide her disability. Only those people who have the courage to go about openly with their disability are able to avoid discrimination and earn respect.

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