Model Maya

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Residence Poland
Age 19 Years
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Blonde
Amputation Above Elbow Amputation
Cause Accident

Last year, Maya, through no fault of her own, was involved in a traffic accident. She suffered a broken arm and was taken to hospital, where her arm was put in plaster. The pain increased day by day and her fingers changed colour. After 5 weeks the plaster cast was removed and a bone infection was diagnosed. The only alternative left to the surgeon was to amputate Maya’s right arm. The original intention was to amputate the lower arm below the elbow, but during the operation it became clear that the infection had spread much further than was thought and it would not be possible to save the elbow. When Maya recovered from the anaesthetic after the operation, she was shocked to discover that instead of her hand; nearly her whole arm had been amputated, leaving only a thickly bandaged 25 cm stump. After having had the experience of having her arm in plaster for a number of weeks, she had learned to cope quite well with only one hand, but now the realisation began to set in that she would have to live the rest of her life with only one arm. In spite of the severe blow that fate had dealt her, Maya quickly adjusted to her new situation. Sometimes she is disheartened when some things take longer than they would if she hand two arms and she feels embarrassed when people stare at her arm stump when she walks down the street. Her greatest ambition is still to be a model and to take part in a super photo-shooting. We were pleased to be able to make this dream come true for Maya and by taking part in this photo-shooting we were able to open new perspectives for her and help her realise that she is a beautiful young woman with a strong personality and her amputation makes her special in a way that sets her above most ordinary people. By taking part in this photo-shooting she would like to set an example for others in the same circumstances and to show that they shouldn’t hide away or give up, but take on the challenge that life has given them and realise that every twist of fate offers new opportunities and perspectives, if you have the courage to look for them. By being open and self confident, Maya has earned our respect and admiration and her amputation ceases to be a handicap and becomes instead the hallmark of a remarkable person.

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